Corporate Wellness

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Corporate Wellness

Employee wellbeing is essential to the smooth running of any organisation. Healthy people are happier, more productive, and create better quality work. By empowering people with information, strategies and tools, together we can make the corporate world a profitable place where humans thrive physically and mentally, as well as financially.

Workshops & Talks

I offer a range of experiences including workshops and talks to help employees optimise their health, fitness and wellbeing, and support employers to understand and stay up to date with wellness trends and industry benchmarks. Click the titles below to learn more, and fill in the form below to schedule an event for your organisation.

Learn To Love Your Brain

Learn To Love Your Brain

This interactive workshop explores a holistic approach to nurturing a healthy mind, including mental, physical and nutritional strategies to boost brain health.

With a really healthy brain, you could:

  • Be more productive and make less mistakes
  • Feel more creative and intuitive
  • Feel alert and energised
  • Collaborate better with less friction
  • Ditch overwhelm and feel calmer
  • Avoid mental health issues like depression or dementia

You’ll come away with 3 strategies to improve your brain function, and 3 common mistakes to avoid.

Mindset & Motivation Tune-Up
The Science & Habit Of Weight Loss
Goal-Setting Intensive
10 Essential Healthy Habits
Stretching, Scientifically
Meditation, Mindfulness & Mental Wellbeing
Move Better, Live Longer
Recovery Hacks For Productivity And Performance
The Science Of Motivation
Technique Touch-Up Sessions
Bespoke For Your Organisation

NB: Most workshops are available for 45, 60 or 90 minutes, unless otherwise specified. 

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