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What Is Online Personal Training?

It's like having a Personal Trainer in your pocket. Body Project Online Personal Training gives you the freedom to work towards your goals on your terms. With daily support from your coach and an easy to use app, you can enjoy better results for your time and effort by having an expert take care of all the complicated stuff.

Workouts designed just for you

Personalised nutrition coaching

Wellness and mindset support

Expert coaching & advice

Online PT could save you years of wasted time and effort through quality information, optimisation, and supportive coaching.

Why Choose Online PT?

Online PT is perfect for busy people who are ready to take responsibility for their health, fitness and wellbeing. You'll receive clear and detailed guidance on the best action to take for your goals, including personalised workouts, nutrition & lifestyle advice, and mindset coaching.

It's a very different experience from regular Personal Training. You'll have more frequent contact with your online personal trainer, be provided with more learning resources, and you won't have to travel for any physical appointments. Most importantly, there's no hand-holding; it's entirely up to you to follow the advice given. Being held accountable in this way will help you maintain your results for the rest of your life.

Online Personal Training empowers you to build the best exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset habits for your needs, at a pace that works for you. Expect kind & compassionate coaching, and a judgement-free learning environment.


Sounds Great. How Does Online Personal Training Work?

I'm so glad you asked! Here's what you can expect when you sign up...

Step One: Get Set Up


During an in-depth conversation we’ll get to know each other and establish your requirements, including:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your goals and any challenges you may be facing
  • Your readiness for consistent effort and positive change
  • How often and how long you want to work out for
  • What equipment you have available
  • What to expect from your personal Online PT experience
  • The opportunity to ask your coach any questions

Get The App

Next, you'll create your profile on my easy-to-use app where you can:

  • View and complete your workouts & wellbeing tasks
  • View your personalised nutrition guidelines
  • Access helpful resources to support you on your journey
  • Watch your progress unfold in graphs and pictures
  • Send & receive instant messages with your coach
  • Securely store your personal information


You'll also get exclusive access to a short on-boarding course to help you get the most from your online coaching experience. This series of videos is available to view at any time during the coaching process. It explains in detail what to expect, how to understand exercise programming, and how to engage with your programme in a positive, stress-free way.

Step Two: Get Moving

View Workouts In The App

  • Receive email notifications for workouts
  • Watch a demo video for each exercise
  • Read specific instructions on exactly what to do & how
  • Complete workouts in your own time
  • Benefit from additional wellbeing & lifestyle tasks

Update Your Results

  • Type your results, such as how much weight you used or how far you ran
  • Upload short videos/pictures of your exercise technique
  • Leave notes for your coach about your experience
  • Send feedback or ask a question
programme screenshot

Step Three: Get Coached


Receive Feedback

  • Get expert feedback when you complete workouts and tasks
  • Receive tips and advice to optimise your training
  • Your coach will assess & feed back on any videos you upload
  • Workouts become more tailored as your coach learns how your body responds
  • Close attention to detail in programming fast-tracks progress

Real-Time Conversations

  • Keep in touch with your coach via the app, available every weekday to answer your questions
  • Weekly check-ins allow us to monitor and optimise the wellbeing factors affecting your progress
  • Each month you'll be invited to schedule a video or phone consultation with your coach
  • Coaching calls enable real-time dialogue to hash out any issues and tune up your mindset

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Your decision to get serious about your goals is not one I take lightly. In order to be a true catalyst for your transformation, it’s essential that I keep you accountable, empowering you to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

Sometimes that means tough love and hard questions that force you to reflect.

I will challenge you to do better where possible, and pull back when the pressure gets too much. Know that I will be your ultimate advocate, loyal counsel, and dedicated cheerleader on this journey, but I can’t do the work for you.

Prepare not only for all the wins that are to come, but also for the obstacles, setbacks, and disappointments that are inevitable on any worthwhile journey.

Consistency, resilience, and persistence are required for success when it comes to making long-term positive change. Know that there are no quick-fix formulas or guaranteed results.

How Much Does Online PT Cost?

Online PT Fundamentals

Just £34 per week, billed monthly.

Online PT Fundamentals offers personalised coaching, focusing purely on exercise and nutrition. Expect weekly guidance and feedback from your experienced coach, who is committed to your success.

If you're looking for a tailored exercise plan but prefer to train on a budget, this is the best online personal training option for you. I created this affordable version of Online PT to make coaching accessible to more people.

Online PT Deluxe

An investment of £81 per week, billed monthly.

Online PT is a highly attentive coaching experience. It offers much more nutrition, mindset and lifestyle support than is possible when training in person. This package provides priority support and frequent communication with your coach.

Online Personal Training Deluxe costs less per week than a one hour PT session, whilst delivering far greater value.

Kindly note that this service offers wider-ranging and much closer support than similar options available online. I limit the number of clients I can accept in order to maintain the highest possible quality of service.


Online Personal Training clients get access to a range of extras and bonuses, including:

  • Free or discounted access to workshops, seminars and events;
  • Discounts on in-person PT sessions in London;
  • Discounts on nutrition and lifestyle coaching sessions;
  • Access to my short educational course to help you get the most from Online PT;
  • 50% off a month of Online PT when you refer a friend (terms & conditions apply).

Money Back Guarantee

If you fully commit to achieving your goals, comply with at least 80% of your programme and stick to your nutrition targets for the initial 3 month period, and don’t see adequate results, I’ll happily refund your investment in Online Personal Training.

Discounts & Special Offers

Occasionally I extend discounts and special offers exclusively to subscribers of my email list. I also share useful articles and resources to support you on your fitness journey, even if we're not directly working together. It's completely free to subscribe.

Sign up to the newsletter using the link below and you'll also receive my ebook outlining the ten essential fitness, nutrition and lifestyle self care practises everyone should follow for optimal health. These are the most important foundation practises for overall wellbeing, and reflect the holistic nature of the services I provide. I hope you enjoy and get plenty of value from it.

Will Online PT Work For Me?

Online Personal Training provides a high level of support and guidance, and there are no physical appointments to travel for. It doesn't matter how busy you are or what equipment you have available - you're free to live and work out on your terms.

This service may not be for you if you're not ready to regularly communicate with your coach and take an active role in your growth & development.

If you're prepared to follow expert advice and take reasonable, consistent action to work on yourself then Online PT is PERFECT for you.

More questions? Click here to check out the FAQ section at the bottom of this page...

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Want to know what to look for when choosing an online personal trainer or coach? Read this post to discover which credentials and skills to look out for, the different types of online coaching available, plus what to expect in terms of services and pricing.

Want to know what to look for when choosing an online personal trainer or coach? Read this post to discover which credentials and skills to look out for, the different types of online coaching available, plus what to expect in terms of services and pricing.

Can Online PT help me my reach my goals?

Online PT helps you to...

  • Work smarter, not harder
  • See faster & better results
  • Be stronger & fitter
  • Increase flexibility
  • Lose weight
  • Manage pain & injuries
  • Build healthier habits
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve posture
  • Prepare for an amateur race or competition
  • Eat well in a way that works for you
  • Build a better mindset
  • Learn safe & proper exercise technique

You're likely to experience...

  • Increased productivity & creativity
  • More self confidence
  • More energy
  • Increased motivation
  • Better concentration
  • Better overall mood
  • Stronger resilience
  • Deeper connections & relationships
  • Heightened self awareness
  • A more positive mental attitude
  • Increased longevity
  • Improvements in pre-existing health conditions
  • Lower risk of health problems

Schedule A Consultation

Schedule a consultation to apply for Online PT. It's a free 30-45min phone call where we'll assess your goals and needs, and start to piece together a roadmap for your success. You'll get the opportunity to ask any questions and get a better idea of what to expect from the experience.

There's absolutely no obligation to sign up for anything, and I can't guarantee you'll be accepted as a client. In situations where I'm not well positioned to support you, I may refer you to others in my professional network better suited to your needs.


Still have questions?
Schedule a free consultation.

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