Online Personal Training

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What Is Online Personal Training?

It's like having a Personal Trainer in your pocket. Online personal training gives you the freedom to work towards your goals on your terms. With daily support from your coach and an easy to use app, you can enjoy better results for your time and effort by having an expert take care of all the complicated stuff.

Workouts designed just for you

Personalised nutrition coaching

Wellness and mindset support

Unlimited contact with your coach

Online personal training can save you years of time and effort spent wandering around the gym, wondering what to do.

Why Choose Online Personal Training?

With the demands of a busy lifestyle our health often falls by the wayside. When we consistently put our wellbeing at the bottom of the list, we end up stressed out, overweight, in pain, and at risk of serious health issues. Our quality of life begins to suffer...

Everything in life relies on your fitness and wellbeing.
Focus on what matters by investing in and prioritising yourself.

Operate from a place of strength, not exhaustion.
Secure a healthy future for yourself and enjoy life to the fullest.

Online personal training equips you to cope with stress by training your body and mind. It helps you gradually integrate better habits with clear advice and friendly support. You’ll learn safe & proper exercise technique so you can feel confident, and come to understand how to make better nutrition choices that suit your needs.

Experience kind & compassionate, judgement-free coaching, adaptable programming to make the best use of your time, and a way of exercising that gives you more energy, not less.

In addition to the personal benefits, you’ll be making a positive impact as a role model, inspiring others and creating a healthier culture simply by taking better care of yourself.

Sounds Great. How Does Online Personal Training Work?

I'm so glad you asked! Here's what you can expect right from day one onwards...

Step One: Get Set Up


During an in-depth conversation we’ll get to know each other and establish your requirements, including:

  • An analysis of your goals, challenges and commitment level
  • How often and how long you want to work out for
  • What equipment you have available

Get The App

Set up your profile on the easy-to-use app where you'll:

  • View and complete your workouts
  • See your training progress in graphs and pictures
  • View your personalised nutrition guidelines
  • Track your nutrition intake
  • Send & receive instant messages
  • Securely store your personal information


You'll also get exclusive access to a series of on-boarding videos to help you get the most from your online coaching experience

Step Two: Get Moving

View Workouts In The App

  • Watch a demo video for each exercise
  • Receive specific instructions on exactly what to do
  • Benefit from extra lifestyle workouts, such as mindfulness practise

Update Your Results

  • Type your results, such as how much weight you used or how far you ran
  • Upload short videos of your exercise technique
  • Send feedback or ask a question
programme screenshot

Step Three: Get Coached


Receive Feedback

  • Get my feedback on every workout you complete
  • Receive specific tips and advice to help you get more from your workouts
  • Includes technique assessment on any videos you upload

Real-Time Conversations

  • Schedule regular video or phone consultations
  • Keep in touch with me via instant messenger. I'm online and ready to answer your questions every weekday

10 Steps To Live Your Best Life

Download my lovingly prepared (and free!) e-book to get a flavour of my approach to coaching.
In it you'll discover the ten simple steps you need to take to optimise your health, fitness and wellbeing.

Will Online PT Work For Me?

Online personal training provides a high level of support and guidance, and allows you to work out in your own time and live on your terms. You can train in your own gym or at home, and there may be no physical appointments to travel for.

If you're prepared to take action, follow expert advice, and stay consistent to reach your goals then online PT is PERFECT for you.

More questions? Click here to check out the FAQ section at the bottom of this page...

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Can Online PT help me my reach my goals?

If you're dedicated to improving yourself physically and mentally, including making an effort to improve other aspects of your health such as nutrition, sleep, mental health and lifestyle, Online Coaching can help you:

  • Spend your time & effort efficiently
  • Get fitter
  • Build strength
  • Be more flexible and mobile
  • Learn proper exercise technique
  • Learn how to eat for your needs
  • Enjoy an active lifestyle
  • Prepare for an amateur race or competition
  • Improve your posture
  • Manage aches and pains
  • Come back from an injury
  • Lose weight
  • Build healthy muscle
  • Look better
  • Avoid health problems
  • Build confidence
  • Feel energised
  • Boost concentration
  • Reduce stress
  • Build self awareness
  • Cultivate a balanced lifestyle
  • Develop a positive mental attitude

Mimi M

"I started training with Mel after I realised I was really burned out, had been exhausted for years and that I had to change my exercise style.
I had been living a very 'go go go' lifestyle - long hours in a demanding job, plenty of limiting beliefs and unhealthy ways of thinking, busy social life, excessive amounts of alcohol, regular high impact exercise, not getting enough sleep or feeding my body the right nutrients, and relying on caffeine to get me through the day. Yet if anyone asked me whether I was stressed, I told them 'no'. I had no awareness that I'd been putting my body under a lot of stress for a long time. 
Mel made me realise that 'stress' is much more than the mental stress we experience. Rather that all elements of our lifestyles contribute and that everything collectively can have an impact on your mind and body. 
2 years later and I am living in a much different way! I am more aware of all my stress triggers and stress symptoms and I have made self care a priority. I listen to my body and give it what it needs.
Mel has played a HUGE role in my recovery from burnout, and with her help, I have even swapped my high intensity workouts for more gentle strength building exercise, something my body is much more receptive of! Thank you Mel for opening up my eyes to a new way of being, I will always be grateful!"

Nick E

"I started seeing Mel in 2016 after a nasty football injury and subsequent knee reconstruction, initially just for rehab but then enjoyed her coaching style and the results that come with it so decided to stick around for general training. It's great to know that I'm doing a workout which has been planned specifically with my goals and needs in mind, rather than just the same old weights and exercises.

Approaching my 40th (eek) birthday I'm definitely in the best shape I've ever been in and excited about the further #gains to come."

Earl T

"I’ve worked with Mel a number of years and feel I get a strong holistic approach. Nutrition, fitness, strengthening and most importantly in recent years recovery and rehabilitation. 
Mel is the perfect balance of knowledgeable, personal-able and professional which in my experience is hard to come by from a coach. I recommend her service without hesitation."

Deepali P

"I’ve really enjoyed working with Mel - I’ve found it to be a positive, friendly and empowering experience. I find myself looking forward to workouts and I think I may be set for a long term relationship with fitness. 

Most significantly, Mel has coached me through the running in a safe and healthy manner. I could never imagine running 12km without fearing that my knee would explode. I’m really, really pleased we’re working through that and making sustainable progress!"

Ayaz A

"I have been working with Mel for nearly 18 months now and I have enjoyed every aspect of this journey so far. From the onset, Mel took onboard the struggles I was facing in terms of my physical health and designed a work-out programme which was both effective and innovative to my training. We review each month to reflect on the progress made as well as discuss any new issues in order to reach the goal of finding the right balance, mentally and physically. I would recommend Mel to others because of her experience and her attention to detail in addressing client's problems / struggles."

Claire G

"I picked Mel as I was struggling with my body image, training and just generally feeling overwhelmed with trying to achieve at everything. I have a busy job and a commute and I was frustrated with my training and was picking up niggles in my shoulder and knee.

I have made really good strength gains since I have started working with Mel. I really enjoy our chats and the motivation that Mel gives me along with the gains and confidence I have built.

Mel is the right trainer for you if you want someone who is going to look at all aspects of your fitness and personality. She will adapt with you and your goals so if you want flexibility, support and someone who is there to prioritise your health and training than she is who you should work with.

I couldn't recommend her enough and it has honestly changed my approach to health and fitness and also my attitude to myself."

John B

"After nine months of weekly sessions I am measurably stronger and I am getting increased mobility in my joints. For example I have gone from doing a few squats, then reps with a bar across my shoulders starting with 20kg, increasing progressively to my current level of 95kg.

I am no fitness bunny, historically I’ve disliked going to the gym, but working with Mel has been a very positive experience. Her focus is on technique and steady progression. Her attitude is to get the technique right to gain the maximum benefit from the activity. If this all sounds too serious it’s fair to say that Mel also injects a sense of fun into the sessions. The training itself is augmented by a full back up package of emails and advice that help maintain focus."

Lakshmi V

"I went back to Mel for personal training after 1 year of childbirth and didn’t have confidence working out. This time I opted for the online PT for the flexibility of working out at my convenience.

Mel’s program reintroduced me to strength training and gave me the confidence to start running again. Her sessions are quite versatile and fun. I love the variety of exercises she has up her sleeves that I looked forward to and made me break a sweat no matter how long/short the sessions were for.

Mel is a great personal trainer who also strives to educate you on the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition along the way."

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Your decision to get serious about your goals is not one I take lightly. In order to be a true catalyst for your transformation, it’s essential that I keep you accountable, empowering you to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

Sometimes that means tough love and hard questions that force you to reflect.

I will challenge you to do better where possible, and pull back when the pressure gets too much. Know that I will be your ultimate advocate, loyal counsel, and dedicated cheerleader on this journey, but I can’t do the work for you.

Prepare not only for all the wins that are to come, but also for the obstacles, setbacks, and disappointments that are inevitable on any worthwhile journey.

Consistency, resilience, and persistence are required for success when it comes to making long-term positive change. Know that there are no quick-fix formulas or guaranteed results.

Money Back Guarantee

If you fully commit to achieving your goals by taking action on my advice, complying with at least 80% of your programme and sticking to your nutrition targets for the initial 3 month period, and don’t see adequate results, I’ll happily refund your investment in Online Personal Training.

I’m here to get you results, not waste your time, effort and money!

Online Personal Training Packages

Online Package

289 per calendar month
  • Unlimited workouts
  • Monthly video consultation
  • Daily feedback & support
  • Personalised nutrition coaching

Hybrid Package

349 per calendar month
  • Unlimited workouts
  • Monthly personal training session
  • Monthly video consultation
  • Daily feedback & support
  • Personalised nutrition coaching

Athlete Package

449 per calendar month
  • Unlimited workouts
  • Monthly personal training session
  • Weekly video consultation
  • Daily feedback & support
  • Personalised nutrition coaching

*Personal Training sessions to be taken either at my London Bridge studio or online.


Still have questions? Browse the answers below to get more clarity on what Online Personal Training is all about.

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