Online Personal Training

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What Is Online Personal Training?

Online Personal Training provides tailored exercise coaching via video call. It's a great way to ensure you're doing the right exercise for your goals, safely and properly.

Online PT makes it easy to integrate exercise into your lifestyle. You can work out from home, the gym, or anywhere with a good internet connection. Remote workers and those with busy schedules including travel can benefit from the consistency and convenience of working with a professional online.

  • Get fitter
  • Build strength
  • Be more flexible and mobile
  • Learn proper exercise technique
  • Prepare for a race/ competition
  • Prepare for an event eg wedding
  • Improve your posture
  • Manage aches and pains
  • Come back from an injury
  • Lose weight
  • Build healthy muscle
  • Nurture self esteem
  • Improve your appearance
  • Avoid health problems
  • Build confidence
  • Feel energised
  • Boost mental focus
  • Reduce stress
  • Focus more on yourself
  • Develop a positive mental attitude

What To Expect From Online PT

Expect a holistic experience when working with your dedicated coach, including discussions on your wellbeing, nutrition, and fitness outside of your online PT sessions.

Over time, you'll receive support to build better habits, tune up your mindset, and manage other important elements in your wellbeing, including:

  • Mental and emotional health
  • Mindfulness & self awareness
  • Sleep & recovery
  • Nutrition

Personal Training is not just about the hour we spend together. It’s about learning skills to become fit and healthy for life.

Body Project Online PT Reviews

"After nine months of weekly sessions I am measurably stronger and I am getting increased mobility in my joints. For example I have gone from doing a few squats with no weight at all, increasing progressively to my current level of 95kg.

I am no fitness bunny, historically I’ve disliked going to the gym, but working with Mel has been a very positive experience.

Her focus is on technique and steady progression. Her attitude is to get the technique right to gain the maximum benefit from the activity. Breathing, posture, and movement are all equally important. If this all sounds too serious it’s fair to say that Mel also injects a sense of fun into the sessions. If you want to improve your health and fitness but the thought of having a trainer fills you with horror give Mel a try."

- John B

"I have seen results in the past two months that I never could have achieved on my own. It is without a doubt the best value fitness-related purchase I have ever made!"

- Jack B

"Around 1.5 years ago I was determined to get fitter and stronger as this was one way to move on from a tough period. I wanted fast results and joining the gym was the first step. Meeting Mel at that point was the best thing that happened. She not only made a personalised workout, she really made it good fun and she also taught me an overall fitness attitude especially to be grateful to my body and look after it in a very healthy way. Now, I just gave birth to a big healthy boy and because of the strength I built up with the training, I was able to avoid -a very likely to happen- C-section. And not only that, the recovery after birth was pretty fast and only after 3 weeks I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes! If you want to get fit, learn and enjoy while training, I recommend without any doubt to invest your time in such a great personal trainer. Mel is not only extremely good at it, she is also a great company and her positive attitude is contagious. She really makes you believe you can do it.. and you can! Always grateful!!!"

- Sandra G

"As a regular gym goer, I had found that my results had started to plateau. The Body Project introduced me to a new exercise regime and overall lifestyle that enabled me to reach goals that would have been impossible with my previous training. The sessions were always fun and fresh to the extent that it did not feel like training at all. I strongly recommend The Body Project. Hard training with a smile!"

- Damien R

"Working with Mel has given me a real dedication to fitness I didn’t have before. It’s only been a few months but already I look back and am excited by my progress. Having Mel there makes me push myself further, the gym less daunting and helps to keep me focused on my goals; it’s more fun too, like we’re in it together!"

- Luke B

"I trained with Mel for about a year and in that time lost 2 stone and really increased my strength and muscle tone plus all the additional benefits that came with that – self confidence, feeling/looking younger, so much energy, liking how I look and wanting to make an effort to look nice – just generally a much happier person who also had gained a good friend in Mel."

- Juliette O

"After a year’s worth of training sessions I can honestly say I am now in the best shape I’ve ever been, which, for someone over 40, is no small accomplishment. The additional higher level of fitness and strength I have now is something I sense every day."

- Christopher D

"I am very happy with the results! On top of losing a dress size, surprisingly my energy levels are a lot better than before! This really helps as I can work longer and harder at my job during the day without feeling so tired afterwards. I could have never achieved my current level of fitness without a PT."

- Olivia H

"Melody took the time to understand my goals, how I like to workout, what type of exercises would interest me and help me work on my diet. Most importantly, my sessions have been difficult but fun so I've always enjoyed them."

- Meera P

"We achieved more than what we were expecting through our training sessions with Melody. Besides the obvious strength and cardio benefits we also gained huge amounts of confidence in ourselves and we were inspired by Melody to try new things and throw ourselves into challenges."

- Julie & Cindy

Some of my lovely clients

How Does Online Personal Training Work?

To get started with online PT, book a consultation. Your coach will answer any questions you may have, help you refine a set of goals, and create a plan to achieve them. Together you'll decide on a session frequency that aligns with your lifestyle, and schedule your first sessions.

Most clients take a long-term view, adopting PT sessions as a regular part of their fitness routine. Others train more intensively for a few weeks/months toward a specific goal (your coach will create realistic timelines). Ad hoc sessions are great for Online Workout Programming clients to resolve specific issues and work creatively with a coach.

Each session your coach will guide you through a personalised workout, teaching you everything you need to know whilst refining technique over time. Work out confidently in the knowledge that you're exercising safely with live expert feedback.

Online Personal Training Packages

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Questions About Online PT?

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