Personal Training In London, UK

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Personal Training In South London

Our Personal Training service offers tailored exercise coaching at your home, preferred gym, or at our top-of-the-range South London training studios located in London Bridge, Bermondsey, Bank, and Vauxhall. It's the ideal solution for ensuring you're performing the right exercise for your goals, safely and correctly.

You'll receive clear guidance and real-time feedback on your form and technique. The service is ideal for those who prefer face-to-face interactions and thrive on in-person energy and motivation.

Body Project Personal Training is more than just workouts - it's about expertise, experience, and connection. With over 12 years of experience and 10,000 hours of coaching completed, your coach Melody provides a tailored exercise coaching service that stands above the rest.

As a premier personal training provider in South London, we believe in working with our clients' unique needs and goals. Our approach is patient, kind, and encouraging, creating a safe environment that fosters growth. We're not only highly knowledgeable, but also skilled in inspiring motivation and making every workout count.

Get Started With Personal Training

To start your Body Project, simply book a consultation. Your personal trainer will respond to your questions, help you clarify your goals, and craft a plan to achieve them. They'll be able to advise you on realistic timelines to achieve your goals.

Next you'll decide on a session frequency that matches your lifestyle, and schedule your initial sessions at your chosen South London personal training studio or home gym.

During each session, your personal trainer guides you through a custom workout, imparting essential knowledge and refining your technique over time. Exercise with the confidence that you're working out safely under the guidance of a seasoned health and fitness professional.

What To Expect From Online PT

With Body Project Online Personal Training you'll receive support to build a sustainable exercise habit, backed by a program that's perfectly designed for you. Your coach will ensure you're moving with great technique, and you'll be encouraged to exercise independently and be accountable for your health and fitness.

Expect a holistic experience when working with your dedicated coach, including discussions on your overall wellbeing, nutrition, and fitness where possible. You can expect:

Truly Personalised Support

Enjoy the focused attention of an expert dedicated to your success, with insights, techniques and advice rooted in proven methodologies.

Interactive Engagement

Including real-time feedback on exercise technique and discussions to create solutions for your challenges.

Clear Communication

Your coach will let you know what to expect, how long it'll take to reach your goals, and guide you through the process to get there.

Actionable Homework

Tasks to complete between sessions to maintain momentum, fast-track progress and reinforce learning.

Confidentiality & Discretion

Conversations when discussing personal information and health issues are completely confidential, and your data securely stored & handled.

Motivation & Accountability

Regular contact, encouragement and progress monitoring to keep you on track.

Personal Training is not just about the hour we spend together. It’s about learning skills to become fit and healthy for life.

Body Project London Personal Training Reviews

Your Body Project journey is unique to you. Browse testimonials from our cherished clients below to get a feel for the range of experiences & transformations we've had the pleasure of facilitating over the years.

Some of my lovely clients

"It has been my pleasure (and occasional ache) to train with Mel over the last two years. Mel takes the time to understand what you want to achieve, but unlike some, she continues to strive to get the best out of you and adjusts her approach throughout and not simply to reflect progression in your fitness. She is well read and highly skilled, but never lectures you. She takes the time to understand where you are mentally as well as physically and most of all she is a pleasure to spend time with."
- Richard B

"After a year’s worth of training sessions I can honestly say I am now in the best shape I’ve ever been, which, for someone over 40, is no small accomplishment. The additional higher level of fitness and strength I have now is something I sense every day."
- Christopher D

"I have just finished my first 10 sessions of PT. To anyone considering starting for the first time, I would say 'do it!' I used to go to the gym regularly, but the quality of your workout is improved so much by a trainer. I have seen results in the past two months that I never could have achieved on my own. It is without a doubt the best value fitness-related purchase I have ever made!"
- Jack B

"I am very happy with the results! On top of losing a dress size, surprisingly my energy levels are a lot better than before! This really helps as I can work longer and harder at my job during the day without feeling so tired afterwards. I could have never achieved my current level of fitness without a PT. And the best part is, when I'm lazy (which is so often for me), PT is what keeps me going to the gym! Definitely worth it!"
- Olivia H

"My sister and I had signed up for a Tough Mudder event and being two opposite individuals (one can run for long distances for miles, the other could only run for 2 seconds but was a lot stronger) we needed someone who could train us meeting our individual targets and to be able to complete the course - together.

We had seen Melody around the gym being able to do pull-ups but also have amazing flexibility, we wanted to be like her! We started personal training with Melody and it was easily the best choice we made. 

Melody went out of her way to research what we would encounter at Tough Mudder and created workout plans to simulate it. Every session was different and challenging but Melody was always supportive and encouraging. What was even more impressive was how she managed to adapt workouts to match both our abilities so neither of us felt a session was easy or boring! Melody was really good at listening to what we wanted to achieve for example after hearing we had forgotten how to swim - she managed to get us back in the pool swimming length after length easily.

Melody has a strong knowledge of - can't think of a better word but - everything, we came away from every session having had not only a workout but a science lesson and physio all rolled into one! She would break down and explain techniques relating to how the body functions so we really understood the benefits and could maximise the effectiveness of our training. On top of this any aches or pains she would suggest remedial exercises and helped us sort them out - and haven't had any problems since! One of our biggest compliments to date was someone being asked if we were personal trainers because our technique was so good - thanks Melody!

By the time Tough Mudder came around we were both mentally and physically prepared - added to the fact Melody sent us a good luck text even though she knew we had a ridiculous o'clock start time! We achieved more than what we were expecting through our training sessions with Melody. Besides the obvious strength and cardio benefits we also gained huge amounts of confidence in ourselves and we were inspired by Melody to try new things and throw ourselves into challenges. 

The only piece of advice we can give - train with Melody!"
- Julie & Cindy

"One day, I got out of bed and decided I’d had enough of feeling and looking the way I did – absolutely no energy and hating what I saw in the mirror. I was so unhappy and needed help to get me to a better place – it was one of the best decisions I’ve made!

I was so lucky to be paired up with Mel as my trainer. I loved her from the start – she knew how and when to push me and when to let up. She kept it interesting with lots of variety and always accompanied with laughter and chat. I always looked forward to our sessions and felt amazing at the end of each one – tired but energised at the same time!

I trained with Mel for a year and in that time lost approx. 2 stone and really increased my strength and muscle tone plus all the additional benefits that came with that – self confidence, feeling/looking younger, so much energy, liking how I look and wanting to make an effort to look nice – just generally a much happier person who also had gained a good friend in Mel. 

There’s nothing more important than the health and fitness of your body and mind – Mel will support you all the way to achieve that."
- Juliette O

Personal Training Packages

Single PT Session



Provides access to high-end expert support on a one-off or ad-hoc basis with a low up front investment. Best for those on a budget or with a specific problem to solve.

In-depth consultation
Goals established
Mindset preparation

1x training sessions
Personalised workout
Expert guidance
Interactive, in-person support
Choice of training facility

10 PT Sessions


Best Value

Offering the lowest per session cost with a range of added bonuses including metrics tracking and an end of plan report. Best for those committed to earning results.

In-depth consultation
Goals established
Mindset preparation

Fitness assessments

10x training sessions
Personalised workouts
Expert guidance
Interactive, in-person support
Choice of training facility

End of plan progress report
Re-test your key metrics
Celebrate progress
Inform future training decisions

5 PT Sessions


Low Commitment

A more flexible option for those who prefer lower regular payments, are training for a short-term goal, or as an addition to our Online Coaching services.

In-depth consultation
Goals established
Mindset preparation

5x training sessions
Personalised workouts
Expert guidance
Interactive, in-person support
Choice of training facility

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