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Introducing Your Coach

Melody Coleman, a renowned Wellbeing Coach, Master Personal Trainer, Behaviour Change Specialist and Nutrition Counsellor is revolutionising the way we approach fitness and wellbeing.

Adopting a unique holistic approach, Melody tailors her programs to each client's goals, values, and lifestyle, promoting lasting change.

By focusing not just on exercise & nutrition, but also factors including mindset, sleep, and habits, her programs yield unparalleled results.

"Wellbeing is a fulfilling way of being, not a set of exhausting chores. Excellent programming doesn't just fit into your lifestyle - it forms it - and a great coach will guide you to build better habits with tact and grace."

Her style; a blend of wisdom, patience, humour, and genuine care, creates a fun, empowering, and educational coaching experience.

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James B

Mel is an incredible support to me, far more holistically than just fitness. She’s a coach in every sense of the word - physically, emotionally, nutritionally. I thought I was getting a PT, I was actually getting a life coach, and a really bloody good one too. 

Richard B

It has been my pleasure (and occasional ache) to train with Mel over the last two years. Mel takes the time to understand what you want to achieve, but unlike some, she continues to strive to get the best out of you and adjusts her approach throughout and not simply to reflect progression in your fitness. She is well read and highly skilled, but never lectures you. She takes the time to understand where you are mentally as well as physically and most of all she is a pleasure to spend time with.

Earl T

I have worked with Mel since 2016 and originally for helping with injuries and recovery. In 2017 I started having on-line PT sessions that save me time and money and provide good quality training from Mel. Results my core strength has increased and I am not so injury prone (knees and RSI). This is mainly due use the sessions to help with functional movement and mobility to prevent issues from working at a desk and pc. Highly recommend Mel to anyone.

Fran O

Exceptional online and in-person coaching. Melody’s experience, depth of knowledge, expertise, empathy, clear communication and motivating approach is second to none. Her bespoke tailored programmes are excellent - highly recommended.

Christopher D

After a year’s worth of training sessions I can honestly say I am now in the best shape I’ve ever been, which, for someone over 40, is no small accomplishment. The additional higher level of fitness and strength I have now is something I sense every day.

Mike L

In a world where anyone can make a person lose weight and gain muscle, Mel takes things to a higher level. If you want to become a more accomplished human being not only in your training life, but in your career, Mel's prescriptions in the gym will help you accomplish this. There are few trainers in London I would not hesitate to recommend, Mel is one of them.

Emma W

Mel is simply AWESOME! Unlike a lot of personal trainers she's neither into showing off or bullying her clients: instead she works with you to ensure you feel amazing after every session 🙂 If you're wanting to get fit, train for an event or just feel better in your own skin Mel's your lady!

Saara A

Mel is a professional, confident woman with a lot of experience and knowledge up her sleeves. I went to her with the intention of rehabbing and getting fit for my wedding. Her workouts are effective and innovative, can't recommend her enough!

Luke B

Working with Mel has given me a real dedication to fitness I didn’t have before. It’s only been a few months but already I look back and am excited by my progress.

Sandra G

If you want to get fit, learn and enjoy while training, I recommend without any doubt to invest your time in such a great personal trainer. Mel is not only extremely good at it, she is also a great company and her positive attitude is contagious. She really makes you believe you can do it.. and you can! Always grateful!!!

Jack B

I used to go to the gym regularly, but the quality of your workout is improved so much by a trainer. I have seen results in the past two months that I never could have achieved on my own. It is without a doubt the best value fitness-related purchase I have ever made!

Ayaz A

I have enjoyed every aspect of this journey so far. From the onset, Mel took onboard the struggles I was facing and designed a work-out programme which was both effective and innovative to my training. I would recommend Mel to others because of her experience and attention to detail.