Melody Coleman

Wellness Consultant | Master Trainer

Wellness Consultant | Master Trainer

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Wellness Consultant

Master Personal Trainer

Employee Wellbeing Strategist

Behaviour Change Specialist

Mental Health Advocate

Motivational Speaker

Writer & Educator

Life Coach

Nutrition Counsellor

Mindset Coach

Introducing Melody Coleman - your wellness expert and founder of the Body Project.

With over a decade of experience in the fitness & wellbeing sector, Melody capitalises on her rich expertise to revolutionise the way we perceive and approach wellbeing. Melody works with both individuals and organisations, fostering a health-oriented culture that enriches entire communities. Her overarching mission is to nurture healthy minds, bodies and environments where people can thrive.


A Master Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, Melody champions a holistic approach, going beyond just the physical aspect of health. With more than a decade under her belt and over 10,000 hours of hands-on coaching, she crafts tailor-made solutions for any health or performance related goal.

Recognising the physical, mental, emotional and behavioural aspects of wellness, she curates bespoke programs designed to inspire meaningful growth. By working with a select few clients who demonstrate a commitment to ensuring personal longevity & success, she ensures every individual gets her undivided attention and expertise.

Online Coaching Program
workouts, nutrition, wellness, mindset & life coaching

Her adeptness in functional training, injury rehabilitation, sports performance, and nutrition counselling ensures a comprehensive, well-rounded offering. Moreover, her unwavering commitment to diversity & inclusion, mental health, and customer experience amplifies her stand as a true industry leader. Under her seasoned guidance, wellbeing practices are transformed from routine tasks to enjoyable, productivity-enhancing experiences. Melody genuinely invests in your personal growth and success, and she's ready to guide you towards a future where wellbeing and performance go hand in hand.


Melody's experience as a Strategic Wellbeing and Performance Consultant to a diverse range of businesses - from startups and SMEs to established giants like LuluLemon and ING Bank - positions her to infuse a fresh perspective of health and productivity in the corporate world. With core competencies in employee engagement, culture change, learning and development, and project management, she empowers organisations to harness the power of employee wellbeing.

Corporate Wellbeing
consultancy on policy and culture for workplace wellbeing

Workshops & Experiences
interactive educational sessions & team building activities

Having delivered wellbeing services to a variety of entities spanning British institutions, tech startups, retail brands, financial firms, national publications and exclusive health clubs, plus extensive experience coaching a broad spectrum of personal clients, Melody has developed a unique and agile approach to managing both people and projects. She offers an array of services tailored to your specific needs, creating an inclusive, supportive environment where wellbeing creates a platform for happiness, productivity and success.


Melody's impact in creating a sustainable culture of wellbeing isn't limited to personal sessions or boardrooms. Her insights as a Subject Matter Expert have found a home in renowned publications like Men's Fitness, Women's Fitness, and Cosmopolitan. As a seasoned presenter and content creator, she uses her voice authentically, delivering quality, actionable information with integrity.

Fitness & Wellbeing Articles
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Melody's demonstrates her commitment to inclusivity and citizenship in her work with elderly, disabled, and trauma-impacted people. She endeavours to remain culturally aware, designing programs that factor in personal identity, ethnicity, sexuality, mental health and parenthood. She is a mental health champion and also mentors young people in business and sport. With a commitment to all aspects of health & safety, rest assured in the safety and effectiveness of her techniques.

More than a wellbeing expert; Melody Coleman is a catalyst for change, dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential, overcome obstacles, and realise your personal and organisational goals. For those seeking a wellness expert who embodies a seamless blend of expertise, experience, and genuine care, discover the right service for you via the link below.