Melody Coleman

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Hi, I’m Melody,

A Coach, Writer, Speaker and Creative
dedicated to helping busy people
look, feel and perform their best, for life.

Since 2011, I’ve completed thousands of hours of personal training in London, contributed my expertise to national publications including Cosmopolitan, Men’s Fitness and Women’s Fitness, worked with industry names such as MyProtein and MuscleFood, and spoken at dozens of events, including presentations two years running at the UK’s annual BodyPower fitness convention. I launched my online business in 2017, and continue to mentor young people in business in my industry.



My approach to coaching goes against the grain of conventional personal training, focusing not only on the practical aspects of training and nutrition, but also the mental, emotional and behavioural factors.

Modern life makes healthy living challenging. When expectations, commitments and responsibilities are high, often the first thing we drop is our own wellbeing. Exercise goes out the window, sleep is impacted, and we make poorer food choices… This isn’t a coincidence - these lifestyle habits go hand in hand. I believe when you prioritise health, you show up as your best self, and perform better, even under stress.

People think of exercise and living well as a confusing, painful, time-consuming chore, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A holistic approach, incorporating daily movement, gradual dietary improvements, and quality recovery can free up time & energy you didn’t know you had, whilst earning superior, lasting results. Strength, technique, fitness, muscle tone, fat loss, mobility, yes - all of that, and also better posture, increased confidence, energy, athleticism… more opportunities to enjoy life. This emphasis on lifestyle empowers you to work with your body, rather than against it.



My own way of life revolves around movement and wellbeing. I wake up, read/meditate, stretch, cycle around London, work as a coach and writer, and prioritise my dance training. Naturally, I spend a lot of time in the gym, although it's not my obsession. I enjoy working out, but it's a means to an end for me... I love to explore, play and party, and do what I can to keep my body in great condition to keep enjoying life to its fullest - long term.

I’m lucky to not live at the mercy of corporate giants or small children (equally tyrannous, I’m told), but most of my clients do. I help people work around the limitations of busy lifestyles, with programming that meets them where they’re at. Importantly, I provide strategies to integrate fitness & wellbeing into their lives, long term.

My clients describe me as wholehearted, knowledgeable and motivating. I help remove the stresses around exercise, keeping things in perspective with humour and empathy. Importantly, I don’t do “hand-holding”… your growth is your responsibility, and that’s a good thing! Keeping you accountable is by far the best strategy to achieve long-term results, whether you’re training for health or performance. You can think of me as a facilitator, providing the training, support, and education you need to get you to your goals.

I offer a range of services, including Online PT, which I designed to provide an alternative to face to face training with incredible scope to support my clients on a daily basis. It includes personalised workout programming, nutrition, and life coaching for a holistic approach that yields better, longer-lasting results.

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