Melody Coleman

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I provide bespoke fitness and lifestyle coaching to help busy people like you cultivate a life you love… NOW. No more waiting for weekends, holidays, or retirement to enjoy life and all of its luxuries.

Since I started Personal Training in 2011 in a busy London gym I have completed thousands of hours coaching clients, getting to know them on a deep level, and really listening to their problems. One thing I know is this:

We are burning the candle at both ends, and it is NOT good for us.

It breaks my heart to see people dragging their exhausted bodies into the gym for a punishing workout in an attempt to get fit or lose weight. It’s a prevalent and damaging culture. We seem to believe that if we do MORE, work HARDER, and really PUSH our bodies, we can achieve desirable results.


I’ve seen people undergo impressive short term body transformations… But by the end of it they’re more exhausted and miserable than when they started.

I’ve seen people push themselves to return to running soon after an injury… Only to injure themselves again soon after.

I’ve seen people dedicate themselves to training every day and getting great results… Before falling sharply out of the impossible routine.

It doesn't have to be this way.

I am here to help you feel truly informed about your health, fitness and wellbeing.


What If I Told You...

YES you can lose weight without battering yourself in endless HIIT classes.

YES you can get fit without brutal workouts that push you to your limit.

YES you can get strong without lifting near your max every time you train.

YES you can get healthy without spending your entire life in the gym.

… In fact, to achieve any of these goals successfully, it would be preferable NOT to follow the status quo!

The Body Project Ethos

Over the years I've developed an holistic approach that accounts for each client’s wider goals and aspirations.

For example, let’s say you want to lose weight, but you’re also dealing with high stress and a knee injury that’s stopping you from walking your dog, which you usually enjoy. The guidance I provide will help you to lose weight and help you to reduce your stress and support your knee rehabilitation, so you can look good, feel healthy, and get back to doing what you love.

Goals like having the mobility to comfortably play on the floor with your kids, or the mental resilience to cope with arduous days in the office are nothing to be sniffed at! In fact, values like this provide intrinsic motivation for you to exercise and live well more readily.

  • I want to bring your focus BACK to the fundamentals of what life is really about.
  • To help you build healthy habits that last a lifetime.
  • To empower you with information and clear strategies for improvement.
  • To support and advocate for you.

And most of all, I want you to ENJOY the process of working on your Body Project. Because that's the key to success.

Live Your Best Life

Want to work out, eat well, and live a long and healthy life... but don't know where to start?
In my lovingly prepared (and free!) e-book you'll discover the ten basic lifestyle elements you need in place to optimise your health, fitness and wellbeing.
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