One Inspirational Gym Quote To Overcome 5 Barriers To Exercise

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The Inspirational Quote You Needed To Get You Into The Gym

Generating the motivation to get started in the gym is a common challenge. Time and energy are limited resources, and it’s easy to let other responsibilities get in the way of our self-care. Even if you have a positive mindset around exercise, lacking confidence to use the gym or feeling unsure about how to exercise can hold you back. 

In this article you’ll discover the short inspirational quote that after so many years still helps me coach people through mental barriers and finally take action to reach their goals. It’s some of the best advice I ever received, and I’m excited to share it with you. 

The Myth Of Being Ready: Why Waiting Is Costlier Than You Think

The myth of finding a good time to start in the gym sets you up for failure. Waiting for perfection can lead to paralysis by analysis, deterring you from taking the very steps that lead to growth and improvement. Plus, when you do start, small obstacles could ruin your perfect streak, causing you to give up easily. Building an exercise routine isn’t about mastering everything immediately, rather learning how to overcome the inevitable challenges along the way. 

"Go before you're ready."

You can use this powerful, inspirational quote to help get you started working out in the gym. It's a simple phrase, yet it holds the key to breaking down most mental barriers to exercise. Here’s what it means:

The perfect moment to start is an illusion you’ll need to let go of for true progress. There's a strong chance you'll never feel ready, or find an ideal time to start. The trick to success on any project is to make it work in spite of challenges and constraints. 

As a coach with significant experience, I've seen the transformative power of action. Perfect conditions are never a catalyst for change; it’s simply about making the decision to begin. Consider this:

What if being ready isn’t a starting condition, but a state of mind we cultivate along the way?

The following article breaks down the top 5 barriers that could be holding you back from creating the healthy body and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. I’ll pose some questions to tune up your mindset and reframe those barriers. With these insights, and the help of our short inspirational quote, "go before you're ready," you’ll feel more motivated to start working out in the gym.

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Top Five Barriers To Getting Started In The Gym

1. "I don't have the time"

This common refrain masks a deeper resistance. Time is finite, and how we use it reflects our priorities. Making time for the gym signifies that your health is a priority. It’s not about whether you have the time - it's whether you believe you're worth the time. The truth is, if you value something, you'll carve out time for it.

Think of all the time you could have spent working on yourself up until now.

What could you have achieved already if you'd started this journey 5 years ago?

This ancient Chinese proverb beautifully highlights the value of starting now:

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

2. "I don't have the energy"

It's normal to feel lethargic when sedentary because ironically, energy is cultivated through activity. Despite the fact that workouts can be tiring in the short term, regular exercise unlocks more energy overall. Movement creates momentum, and with consistency you’ll find your energetic capacity growing.

Consider the activities that drain you on a daily basis. Weigh those up against the activities that energise you. If you’re not incorporating recovery practises into your routine, you could be missing out on a load of untapped potential. 

Our programs are designed inclusive of strategic recovery practises to boost your energy levels. We’ve coached countless clients to break the cycle of exhaustion and feel revitalised with sleep coaching, mindfulness and restorative movement. 

Exercise might require effort, but with such a busy lifestyle, can you really afford to miss out on the energetic benefits?

3. "I don't feel confident going to the gym"

Confidence is often mistaken as a pre-requisite for action. In truth, confidence is a result of action. It's normal to feel out of place or unsure, but competence builds confidence, and both are developed through experience. 

Everyone starts somewhere, and exercise is no different. You may have tried and failed to build a consistent fitness routine in the past, but remember - the only true failure is giving up. When you do start working out in the gym again, you’ll be doing so from a place of experience. 

With each visit, set, and rep, your confidence will grow as you see results, proving to yourself that you can do it. At the Body Project we take great care to ensure our environment is supportive and judgement-free, helping you transform uncertainty into confidence and enjoyment. 

How might you find ways to get into exercise, even if you don't feel confident at first?

4. "I don't know how to use the gym"

The best way to learn is by doing. You can learn a lot in theory by reading books and articles like this one, but experience is the best teacher, especially when it comes to movement and exercise. 

Getting familiar with the gym environment is part of the journey, not a barrier to begin it. We use mindset coaching to help our clients reframe “I don’t know how” to the more constructive “I don’t know how yet, but I’m learning.”

With the guidance of an experienced coach you’ll learn how to use the gym in a way that works for you - without the trial and error of following generalised information online or in group classes. With us, you're not just signing up for a program - you're embarking on a learning experience that will provide you with skills to improve your life long-term. 

What might be the best way for you personally to get started in the gym?

5. "I have too many other responsibilities"

Responsibilities are often seen as barriers to self-care. Yet, what if I told you that following a personalised training plan could help you manage things better? Life's obligations are always present, and if you’re waiting for a good time, chances are it won’t happen - and if it does, it won’t last. 

Enhanced fitness translates to increased efficiency in your daily life. Prioritising your health isn't a detraction from your responsibilities; it's an investment in your ability to meet them head-on. After all, to take care of others effectively, you must first take care of yourself.

In which ways could a habit of regular exercise make your life easier?

The Cost Of Waiting To Feel Motivated To Exercise


The longer you wait, the more you delay achieving the health and happiness you deserve. This is about more than fitness; it's about embracing a lifestyle that elevates every aspect of your being.

It's time to shift the perspective. Ask yourself:

  • What does it cost you when you don’t prioritise your wellbeing?
  • What do you stand to gain from getting over that initial hurdle and building a routine?
  • What would it take for you to commit to a lifestyle of working on yourself?
  • How much longer will you wait to prioritise your well-being? 
  • When is the best time to get started?

Your journey to fitness and wellness is about progress, not perfection. Our beautiful inspirational quote, "go before you're ready," urges you not to let another day pass without moving toward your fitness goals.

The Pain Of Discipline Or The Pain Of Inaction?

The perfect time is a myth. Your best life doesn't start tomorrow, next week, or when circumstances align - it starts when you do. 

You don't have to have it all figured out to make a start in the gym, on a nutrition plan, or any other meaningful endeavour. In fact, it's impossible to have things figured out until you get started, because you’ll learn along the way. 

As a personal trainer and wellbeing coach, my mission is not just to guide you but to awaken the potential within you. I know the profound impact a wellness journey can have because I've seen it time and time again. 

So, I challenge you: Take that bold step today. Not because you're ready, but because you deserve to discover the strength, vitality, and joy that awaits you on this journey. I'm not just proposing that you sign up for our coaching program; I'm advising you to waste no time investing in yourself and your future. Sign up for coaching or go it alone - just commit to the process. 

As your coach I'm here to guide you, support you, and celebrate with you every step of the way. Together, we'll navigate the the challenges and celebrate the triumphs. Because when readiness is redefined not as the perfect condition but as the courage to begin, amazing transformations happen.

If you're ready to make the change but don't know where to start, you can book a consultation here. Our online coaching program is designed to meet you where you are and take you where you've never imagined you could go. Let's chat about your goals, your concerns, and how we can make the seemingly impossible, possible. Your time is now.

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