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Best Practises For Testing Your One Rep Max

To work out your 1RM, you have to perform a one rep max test, which I’ll talk you through today. This type of test is considered the fitness industry gold standard in measuring a person’s physical strength.


How To Track Your Nutrition Intake… Easily

I speak to people all the time who want me to write them a better training plan because they’re not seeing the results they hoped for. In reality, I often find that there’s nothing particularly wrong with what they’re doing in the gym (sure, I can always optimise their programme), but the real reason they’re not seeing results is because they’re not backing up their efforts with good nutrition.

For weight loss you need to ensure you’re in a sufficient and sustainable calorie deficit.
To build healthy muscle tissue you need to ensure you’re getting enough calories and protein.
For athletic performance you need to ensure you’re getting the right amount and types of carbs at the right times.


How To Lose Weight For Life… Without Following A Diet

I totally get that cleaning up your diet and getting in shape can feel overwhelming. Whilst it makes sense to follow a prescribed diet for direction and to keep things simple, the drawbacks massively outweigh these initial benefits. Unfortunately, diets are generally ineffective in helping people make better food choices and live healthier lifestyles long term. Here’s why:


Guidelines For Exercising With A Cold

A cold is an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract caused by a viral infection. They’re pretty common – most of us experience them from time to time, but what does this mean for our training?
I get a lot of questions from clients this time of year around the topic of colds, flu and other illness:
“Can I still exercise? Should I take a break? How much? What can I do? How can I get well quicker?”
It’s important to remember that I am NOT a medical professional, but as an exercise professional and wellness coach, I can give you the following recommendations… 


How To Find A Healthy Balance With Carbs

Carbohydrates are categorised as either simple or complex. Simple carbs, such as glucose, are known as sugar, whereas more complex carbs like glycogen or cellulose are referred to as starch or fibre. In popular culture carbs are also described as being either good or bad. We’ll investigate that concept a little later….


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