how long to lose weight

How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight?

People often ask me “how long will it take to lose “x” amount of weight?” I’m going to give you a full and accurate answer. As usual, you may not like the answer, but I’d rather empower you with the right information than sell you a dream. You deserve that much.

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Build Better Habits Faster

If more people understood the psychology behind decision making, including why we so often make poor decisions around exercise and nutrition, we’d be better prepared for life’s challenges, and kinder to ourselves in the process. It can be easy and empowering to start making better decisions, which form into good habits over time.


15 Minute Teriyaki Salmon Recipe

This 15 minute teriyaki salmon recipe is a show-stopper every time! I use it as a quick and easy weekday option, but it’s also perfect for impressing friends and family at dinner, and brilliant on a BBQ (cook it in foil!). ​

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How To Recover Faster After Exercise

During training, we cause stress and microscopic damage on a cellular level in our bodies, fatiguing us and actually decreasing our performance for a short period. This stress and damage acts as a catalyst for change, forcing us to adapt. As we recover, we improve, which means we’re able to perform at a higher level next time we work out.

That means gains are made during recovery, not training.

How To Track Your Nutrition Intake

I speak to people all the time who want me to write them a better training plan because they’re not seeing the results they hoped for. In reality, I often find that there’s nothing particularly wrong with what they’re doing in the gym (sure, I can always optimise their programme), but the real reason they’re not seeing results is because they’re not backing up their efforts with good nutrition.

For weight loss you need to ensure you’re in a sufficient and sustainable calorie deficit.
To build healthy muscle tissue you need to ensure you’re getting enough calories and protein.
For athletic performance you need to ensure you’re getting the right amount and types of carbs at the right times.

Why Diets Don’t Work

I totally get that cleaning up your diet and getting in shape can feel overwhelming. Whilst it makes sense to follow a prescribed diet for direction and to keep things simple, the drawbacks massively outweigh these initial benefits. Unfortunately, diets are generally ineffective in helping people make better food choices and live healthier lifestyles long term. Here’s why:

Khao Soi Chicken Noodle Soup With Chilli & Garlic Broccoli

This Asian chicken noodle soup recipe is one of my favourite meals of all time! I discovered it on a trip to Thailand and it’s taken me months of trying since I got home to perfect the recipe to taste just like it did in Chiang Mai! Every time I make it I feel like I’m on holiday again =)

Protein: How Much You Need & How To Eat More Of It

Protein is a nutrient found in most foods – at least in small quantities. Contrary to what you might believe, it isn’t just used to build muscle tissue, but is required for the synthesis and maintenance of almost every type of cell in our bodies. Protein is essential for our survival. My general recommendation for a bare minimum daily protein intake would be 0.8g of protein per kg of bodyweight for a sedentary adult.

Eating And Training Around Your Menstrual Cycle

The world of health and fitness can feel like a minefield of conflicting advice on how to work out, which products to buy, and what’s best for your body. If you’re a woman who follows health and fitness influencers on social media, you won’t have to look far to find advice on how best to train, eat, and live in your female body.

I want to help you determine fact from fiction and empower you with a clearer understanding of what it really means to be a fit, strong, and healthy woman.

4 Tips For A Slimmer Waist

Making changes to your physical appearance isn’t always an easy task. You have to be prepared to put in consistent effort and be very patient. If, after reflecting, you realise that your feeling is more “yeah, that would be cool,” than “this is essential to my health and wellbeing and I’m excited to put in WERK!” then please, please, find something else to do with your time that makes you genuinely healthier and truly lights you up as a human being.

Healthy & Delicious Green Soup Recipe

This is a recipe I’ve used for many years now, and it is SUCH a tasty dish.
Credit for this has to go to my gorgeous client Emma – a woman who over the past few years has undertaken the most epic journey into eating richly nutritious food.