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How To Find The Motivation To Exercise… And Enjoy It!

I want to help you build a regular exercise habit and importantly, enjoy working out.
You should know that you’re not alone: many people have struggled to exercise regularly, and many more will in future. In my experience, there are some key differences between those who achieve their fitness goals, and those who fall off the wagon, never to return. The good news is that it’s ENTIRELY up to you which path you take. The decision to take positive action is yours.


Emma’s Magical Green Soup

This is a recipe I’ve used for many years now, and it is SUCH a tasty dish.
Credit for this has to go to my gorgeous client Emma – a woman who over the past few years has undertaken the most epic journey into eating richly nutritious food.


6 Steps To Healthy Eating

Knowing what and how to eat can be a can be a daunting and confusing prospect. Whether your goal is to eat well for health, fat loss, muscle gain, athletic performance, or anything else, there are a vast range of options available to you.


Discover the 10 lifestyle foundations you need in place to optimise your health, fitness and wellbeing...

(Hint... they may not be what you expect!)