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Learn How To Get Started In The Gym

Learn To Lift is a comprehensive 12-week online coaching programme to help you get started in the gym. It's designed to get you proficient in the all main strength training exercises, plus a range of additional foundation skills you’ll need to get the most out of your workouts.

This structured training plan is appropriate for complete beginners as well as intermediate lifters who want to improve technique, work with an experienced personal trainer online, and get into better habits.

Learn To Lift Weights Properly

Getting started in the gym can feel confusing, overwhelming and intimidating. You may have exercised before with limited or short-lived success, or perhaps struggle with confidence or motivation. Most people who are new or returning to exercise just want to know how to structure a workout or training plan, which exercises are right for them, how to use gym equipment, and how to lift weights with proper technique.

Learn To Lift provides a framework to teach you all you need to know to get started in the gym. It's worlds different from most generic workout plans found online, which usually come in the form of PDF documents or spreadsheets. You'll also get a weekly online personal training session for live coaching and feedback.

Your personal workout plan will be available to view online or via the app, where you can message your coach, view workouts including demo videos, plus detailed metrics and progress tracking to ensure results.

Each week your coach will guide you through a live personal training session online. You'll learn exercise technique, how to use the equipment, and how to pace a session. Benefit from real-time feedback and advice to boost your confidence.

You'll follow your programme independently, and upload your results on the app to receive personal feedback and advice. Importantly, you can upload short videos of yourself for technique review. Your coach will respond in text or video format as appropriate.

As a bonus, you’ll be offered the opportunity to track nutrition, sleep, and stress on a weekly basis. This is an optional extra, and strongly advised to help you get the most out of your training. A holistic approach that takes multiple factors into account yields best results.


Weight Training For Beginners & Intermediates

This programme is a highly personalised remote coaching service, perfect for anyone who wants to start weight training. It's also appropriate for intermediate lifters aiming to broaden their skills and earn better results. Enjoy training on your own terms, with expert support and guidance. Learn to Lift is suitable for you if:

  • You need help getting started in the gym
  • You’re returning to exercise after a break
  • You want to learn proper exercise technique
  • You already lift weights and want to refine your skills
  • You want to improve your existing training regime
  • You want a well-rounded, structured training plan
  • You want expert guidance and support
  • You want to work smarter, not harder
  • Your health is important to you
  • You want to look & feel better
  • You want to prevent injuries and health issues
  • You're ready to devote time & energy to your health & fitness
  • You want to exercise on your own terms, without travel to appointments
  • You’re motivated to make positive, long-term lifestyle changes
  • You have a healthy attitude to failure and a process-oriented mindset
  • You want to build better habits & cultivate a healthy lifestyle
  • You have access to basic gym equipment (more info below)

Please note that this programme isn't suitable for those currently rehabilitating injuries (although minor injuries are generally fine, your coach can assess this during consultation), or people with health conditions that require medical permission to exercise.

This programme may not be appropriate for athletes who already know a lot of exercises and have excellent weightlifting technique (Online PT may be a better fit for you).

Those who can’t commit at least 3-6 hours per week to work on their fitness and wellbeing may not get the maximum benefit from this programme.

What To Expect

Key Objectives Of The Learn To Lift Programme

By the end of the 12 week programme, you can expect to achieve the following*:

  • Proficient technique in key lifts
  • Build a well-rounded strength foundation
  • Improved flexibility & fitness
  • Get into the habit of moderate, consistent exercise
  • Understand the various elements required for a balanced & effective training programme
  • Learn how to gradually progress your weights etc on a training programme
  • Learn how to use common pieces of gym equipment
  • How to adapt exercises when necessary

*NB results depend on a range of factors, including your participation and commitment to the programme, and so can't be guaranteed.

Additional Benefits Of Learning To Lift

You can expect to see additional wellbeing benefits when learning to lift weights. These are usually the underlying motivations for starting weight training, and focusing on these makes adhering to a training programme easier, meaningful and satisfying. Your coach will help you dig deep and uncover your personal motivators during your consultation. You could experience the following and more:

  • Increased strength, fitness and flexibility
  • More healthy muscle tone and less body fat
  • Improved body awareness, balance and coordination
  • A healthier relationship with your body
  • Confidence, clarity and independence in the gym
  • Optimised performance in your chosen sport
  • Better posture and less aches & pains
  • Stronger bones and joints
  • Reduced injury risk
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Enjoying exercise and incorporating it into your lifestyle
  • Improved mindset and positive outlook
  • Commitment, consistency and personal growth

How It Works

Learn To Lift provides a systematic, educational framework to help you get started in the gym, with flexibility for you to learn at your own pace. Learning is infused with training to ensure you’re earning results right from the very first session. Here’s what you can expect from the 12 week programme:


A friendly phone call with your coach to ensure the Learn To Lift programme is a good fit for you, and that you’re ready to make positive changes in your life. It’s also an opportunity to discuss your goals, needs and preferences, and ask any questions you might have. Consultations are free, there’s no obligation to sign up, and it's not possible to guarantee you’ll be accepted onto the programme. Your coach will let you know whether you've been accepted on the call, based on a few qualifying requirements such as access to gym equipment.

Get The App

Next you’ll be invited to create your profile on the coaching platform, which you can download as a smartphone app, or access on your browser (eg Google Chrome).

It’s a secure place to store your personal and health information, access upcoming and past workouts, plus useful documents to help you get the most from the programme, and track progress. The app makes it easy to ensure you’re always improving, with graphs and easy access to training data as it accumulates.

This is also where you’ll communicate with your coach as you update training results, comment on workouts and send direct messages. You can send your coach a message at any time.


Whilst they set up your workout plan, your coach will invite you to schedule your weekly online PT sessions. It's ideal to book a regular time if possible.

You’ll also receive a range of resources to help you get set up. Your first set of tasks will teach you how to engage with the programme, best practises for recording your workout results, and make getting started in the gym as smooth and easy as possible. You can return to these resources at any time throughout the programme.


Your first few workouts are also designed to take stock of your current abilities: strength, fitness, flexibility and technique. It doesn’t matter how well you do on these tests - they’re just diagnostic tools to help understand your starting point, and also monitor improvements over time.

Everything will be explained clearly, and these simple, safe tests will mark the start of your journey. At the end of the programme, we'll use the data we collect to demonstrate exactly how far you've come.


Each week you'll receive 3 educational workouts to complete. You can do one of these in your PT session, or use the time with your coach to work on specific exercises/challenges. Alternatively your trainer can create a brand new workout for the session. It's your choice, and they'll recommend the best approach for you.

You’ll receive an email reminder on the morning of your workout. Click through to view your workout, complete with demo videos and clear instructions. After completing your workout independently, you'll update your results in the app: how much weight you lifted; how things felt; any questions; and videos of your technique for review.

Your online coach will be there to support you every step of the way, providing feedback and advice on every workout you complete. Communication is essential for your success as the more you engage with the process, the faster you’ll learn and progress.


You’ll be asked to submit a short video of yourself whenever a new movement arises, and intermittently throughout the programme until we’re confident that you’ve mastered each technique. You won’t be expected to upload videos of every exercise, but there’s always the option to do so if you want feedback.

Your coach will respond to your workout results and messages with videos where possible/applicable in order to provide specific and detailed feedback and demonstration.


Learn To Lift is a complete weight training plan that covers all bases, and you’ll be learning as you exercise. The best way to learn a movement is to try it out, refining your skills with practise. You’ll be encouraged to approach your training with curiosity and good humour. The programme is specifically designed for you to be able to learn and experiment safely, with the lowest possible risk of injury.

It’s important to have a healthy attitude to failure - we must get things wrong before we can get them right.

Movements in this programme have been specially selected to teach you transferable skills, so the benefits increase exponentially as each element of the programme drives improvement elsewhere. Your new skills will also support you to engage more intentionally in daily life with better posture, coordination and self awareness.

Practise Your New Skills

After 8 weeks of learning new skills, the final four weeks of your programme are an opportunity to put into practise everything you’ve learned and focus fully on making progress with no new lessons to absorb, allowing you to build momentum in your training. You’ll continue to refine your movement and work through obstacles whilst building strength and muscle tone. With a number of foundation skills under your belt, you’ll be empowered to make even faster and more noticeable physical improvements at this stage.

Celebrate Your Progress

Your final set of strength and movement tests will be carried out as the programme comes to a close. With plenty of training data to analyse, plus videos demonstrating improvements in your flexibility and movement, you’ll have a beautifully detailed picture of the progress you’ve made on the Learn To Lift programme.

You’ll also get a final check-in with your coach to discuss your progress and carve out a roadmap for your future. Depending on your commitment and attitude to training, you may be offered the opportunity to receive further online programming at a discount.

A Healthier Lifestyle

At this point you’ll have a consistent habit of exercise and the skills you need to succeed in the gym, including an understanding of gym equipment, weightlifting technique, and how to make sustainable progress.

One of the key takeaways from any good strength training programme should be a process-oriented mindset, where the focus is on consistency and incremental improvements.

There will always be improvements to make, and you’ll be well on your way to independence, armed with information and a bunch of movement drills to get you where you want to be faster. Expect to also be stronger, fitter, more flexible and more confident.

Learn To Lift Programme Requirements

In order to ensure that Learn To Lift is the right training programme to get you started in the gym, there are a few qualifying requirements.

First and foremost, you'll need access to some basic exercise equipment that can be found in most gyms. It's not necessary to have a gym membership - you can follow the workouts at home if you have or are willing to invest in the right kit. The pieces required are:

man lifting weights in gym
  • Olympic barbell & weight plates, or a range of fixed weight barbells
  • A range of dumbbells, or a pair of plate-loaded dumbbells
  • Cable machine or a range of resistance bands
  • Squat rack
  • Exercise bench
  • Foam roller
  • Appropriate flooring
  • Appropriate space, including ceiling height
  • A mirror, or recording equipment to check technique

If you're unsure or have questions about equipment, this can be discussed with your coach during consultation.

It would be impossible to specify weights required, however in general, most people would require barbells up to 60kg and dumbbells up to 20kg. If using resistance bands in place of cables, your coach will be able to advise on the types and weights of bands best for you.

Additionally, it's essential that participants in Learn To Lift are able to commit to the process with an open mind, willingness to try new things, and a healthy attitude to failure. There's no expectation for you to achieve perfect results on the programme - we live in the real world and it's likely that you'll miss workouts, get things wrong, and that obstacles will occur. What's most important are your approach to overcoming obstacles, and your ability to be consistent in your efforts.

Your coach will assess your readiness to join the programme during your consultation, and support you to cultivate a process-oriented mindset throughout the programme.

How Much Is Learn To Lift?

The investment for Learn To Lift is £999.

12-week payment plan available: £99pw.

On programme completion you may be offered a discount on further coaching.
(This won't be related to your athletic abilities, but rather your attitude and engagement.)

Why Choose Learn To Lift?

Learn To Lift provides you with a clear and sustainable full body weight training programme that also teaches you how to lift weights with safe & proper technique. You'll benefit from the clarity and direction that comes from collaborating with an expert in strength training, without any time or effort wasted trying to work things out for yourself.

You'll be empowered to experiment within a safe and structured framework and make decisions for yourself. Rest assured that you'll be provided with all the guidance, support and feedback you need to succeed.

This programme supports you to use your body safely, optimising performance whilst reducing the chances of pain and injury. Many people notice a significant reduction in existing pain, such as back, knee or shoulder pain, after complying with a quality strength training programme. A preventative approach is best, and your investment in this programme will pay dividends relative to the financial and time expenses of being injured: taking time out of training/work, therapies eg physiotherapy, massage etc.

The workouts will challenge you, but are designed to increase your overall energy and productivity long term rather than wearing you out. The skills you learn on this programme will empower you to increase the range of things you can do with your body, with a sense of athleticism in daily life and when trying new activities. Expect to look and feel more confident in your body.

Learn To Lift represents the gold standard in fitness practises. You'll learn only the most important exercises, plus a range of accessory and mobility drills to speed up progress. Without fads, quick fixes or silly gadgets, you'll save time and money by doing things properly right from the start. The concepts and skills you'll learn on this programme will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Aside from the commitment to complete 3 workouts a week, the programme is entirely flexible around your lifestyle. There are no appointments to travel for, and you can train on your own terms, according to your schedule. Workouts are designed to be flexible, allowing you to learn and grow at your own pace.

Learn To Lift encourages a process-oriented way of thinking that will set you up for success in any of your future endeavours, whether or not they're fitness-related. Improve resilience, adaptability, and importantly learn to be gentle with yourself whilst learning.

How To Sign Up

To apply for Learn To Lift, schedule a free consultation. You'll get to talk to a coach about your goals, challenges and motivations, and take the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

There’s no obligation to sign up, and it's not possible to guarantee you’ll be accepted onto the programme. Your coach will let you know whether you've been accepted on the call.