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Qualities Of The Best Online Personal Trainers

Choosing the best personal trainer for you is hard enough in the real world. There are so many fitness, nutrition and life coaches on the online market it can be hard to tell the credible experts from the cowboys, particularly when you’re not able to vet them in person. In this article you’ll learn how to choose the best online PT for you.

Training For A Healthy Retirement

“Mel explained that my goals did not need to be in purely fitness terms. After a lengthy and in depth discussion we established my goals and attitude to exercise. Essentially my aim, after more than 40 years (I am 62) in sedentary and stressful jobs, is to enjoy a healthy retirement when the time comes.”

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How To Get 10x Results In Half The Time

I have a cleaner who comes to my house every week. For some reason I almost feel ashamed to say that. 
Technically, I’m an adult. I have a mortgage and a job and a dog to look after. Actual responsibilities. Surely I should be able to keep my own flat clean and tidy?
My cleaner’s name is Nadia, and I’m sitting here telling you about her now because I noticed myself doing something SUPER weird just now.