How To Get Faster Results With Less Effort

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I have a cleaner who comes to my house every week. For some reason I almost feel ashamed to say that.

Technically, I’m an adult. I have a mortgage and a job and a dog to look after. Actual responsibilities. Surely I should be able to keep my own flat clean and tidy?

My cleaner’s name is Nadia, and I’m sitting here telling you about her now because I just noticed myself doing something SUPER weird.

When she turned up early this morning my flat looked like a bomb had hit it. I’ve been travelling more than I’ve been home the past month and just haven’t been great at tidying up, let alone finding the time to give the kitchen a scrub.

I left for my morning clients as she was doing her thing, and she was long gone by the time I got back for lunch. My place looks IMMACULATE!

I just caught myself wandering around the house doing various bits of work, muttering absent-mindedly to myself: “man, Nadia is such a goddess,” “oh she’s done SUCH a great job,” and “look at those taps!”

Batshit crazy if you ask me, but that’s a whole other post. I think you can tell that I massively appreciate her work.

Good Coaches Save You Time And Money

This takes me back to a course I did early on in my career as a Personal Trainer. It focused on business skills: setting growth goals, how to keep records for tax, managing your time, blah blah blah. In all honesty I remember very little from that course, but one thing stuck with me, and I’d like to share it with you. Here’s how the conversation went:

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Petersen: “What’s your job title?”

Me: “Personal Trainer.”

Petersen: “And who does your accounts?”

Me: “I do them myself.”

Petersen: “But you’re a PT, not an accountant. Would you hire a washing machine repair man to fix your car?”

Me: *scratches head* ... “Well... no, I’d hire a mechanic.”

Petersen: “So why are you letting a Personal Trainer do your accounts?”

Me: *brains turn to mashed potato* ... “Ummmm...”

A very good point well made. Doing my accounts was an absolute headache that used up valuable time. Time I could have spent growing my business, spending with friends, learning new things, or finishing that painting I started months ago.

Despite the fact that I would like to be responsible for cleaning my own home, it’s something I don’t enjoy doing at all, and something that Nadia is WAY better at than me.

She gets me much better results in half the time and without any effort on my part... plus she does it to a much better standard than I could.

She’s more than worth the money. Thanks to Nadia, I’m able to enjoy working and living in my blissfully clean home, plus am free to spend the time she saves me on things that bring me joy or take me forward in life.

So let me ask you:


What’s your job title?

Who plans and manages your training? 

Where are you getting your nutrition and motivational support?


If your answers for the last two questions are anything other than “my training coach,” then we need to talk, my friend.

What Makes A Good Coach?

Personally, I have coaches for everything. I have a busy job and all the responsibilities that come with “adulting”, so my time and energy are very precious to me. I’ve worked with all sorts of professionals, including:

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I have a small army of experts on hand to give me help and guidance when I need it. As you can see, I value the opportunity to learn skills that will last me a lifetime.

One thing I've learned is that there's an important distinction to make between trainers and coaches:

Trainers will give you a really good session - you’ll certainly learn a lot - but coaches give wider ranging and longer term support and education.

To be a good trainer you need to be able to deliver an excellent session, but to be a good coach you have to deliver just the right lessons at just the right time, and provide guidance to suit the individual. For me, it’s extremely important that I provide long term value for my clients as well as an enjoyable experience.

Why You Need A Coach

If you’re not working with a good coach then you’re wasting valuable hours of your own time trying to get to your goal without the specialist knowledge that could get you there in half the time.

Exercise programming and nutrition are a science. You can’t just wander into the gym willy nilly and try some stuff out in the hope that it will work. The best coaches have studied in their fields for years so that you can get excellent results whilst only learning things that are relevant for you and your situation.

Let me save you time, effort, and stress by taking care of everything you need to make your workouts work for you.

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